!!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

While being “closed” for the holidays we are working on some improvements in the back end to guarantee fast shipping in 2021. We are confidently aiming for a 1-4 day lead time now.

Shipping to countries outside Europe will be cheaper due to a complete new take on packaging. For example: A full cockpit + seat to the U.S.A will now be around €180,-

We will also launch a budget 4080 profile rig which is fully adjustable, but only with the help of tools. Aiming price will be €699,- (incl 21% VAT). This includes the cockpit + a seat, but options (seat sizing and customization) will be limited.

Besides all of this, we’ve been working on making our “showroom” ready for people who want to come over and go for a spin. It’s still a work in progress, but here’s a peak of what will be available.

Coffee will be warm, fridge will be full, but let us know beforehand when you want to visit.

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Our shop is closed at the moment due to the launch of phase 2.
To give everyone a fair shot, we are going to open the store for our customers on the waiting list first.

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