We do our best to deliver quality products. However, if for some reason you’re not happy with your purchase, you can let us know by emailing, within 14 days, to returns@formulasimrigs.com. After receiving your request you have an additional 14 days to return the purchase to us. You will receive a refund for the original purchase price + shipping costs to your address. We do not cover the shipping costs to us.


Seats exemption:

Formula Sim Rigs, according to the EU community-based regulations, will only concede a return of items in case:

– We delivered a defective set of items.

– We delivered the wrong product (i.e., the user ordered a MK8-1S – STD – LineX, but we shipped a MK8-1S – STD RAL).


In case of defective/wrong good delivery, the customer can contact us WITHIN 14 days from the purchasing date at returns@formulasimrigs.com. The customer must provide the following information:

The invoice of the order.

The list of purchased goods.

The reason because he requires a return of items.

This document represents a legal agreement between us, Formula Sim Rigs, the website/eCommerce legal owner located at https://www.formulasimrigs.com, and the customer who purchases one/multiple items from the store.

By purchasing one or more items in our online store, the customer agrees to have carefully read and understood the following legal clauses.

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