Immersion starts with your physical position

We wanted to build a good looking cockpit for the new Sparco GP seat but quickly decided to abandon that idea. Even though it looks very comfortable, we didn’t like the feeling in our lower back and quickly discovered that it just isn’t a real Formula style seat, but yet another hybrid. We know that some people might prefer that (which is totally fine of course) but continuing with something that goes against everything we believe in just didn’t feel right, and we would’ve been doing it for the sole purpose of profit.

Therefor we have one Sparco GP for sale which can be picked up at our workshop in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Immersion starts with your physical position!!!

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Our shop is closed at the moment due to the launch of phase 2.
To give everyone a fair shot, we are going to open the store for our customers on the waiting list first.

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