Tool free adjustable seating.


Ready for motion


Powder coated, not anodised.


Fiber or LineX


Compatible with almost all available equipment.


Tool free adjustable seating.


Ready for motion


Fiber or Linex finishing.


Powder coated, not anodised.


Compatible with almost every available piece of equipment




Match the physical position of a F1 driver and feel like you’re stepping into a real formula car instead of your family vehicle. The elevated pedal position gives you the ability to be even more consistent with your braking pressure.

“This seating position screams speed!
I’m able to brake so much better now! It’s a true masterpiece!”


The “strapped in” position provides support over your entire body, giving you the ability to brake harder using all your accessible force to push that pedal down. Therefore the amount of force that can be applied in this seating position supersedes that of a normal driving position. With the double uprights, you are not relying on the rigidity of brackets on a separate pedal deck anymore. The Avanzata is ready to use load cell pedals up to +200kg to its full capacity.

Tool-free adjustability

No additional seat slider is needed as adjusting your seat is a breeze in the Avanzata with the built-in seat slider. Lock out and slide forwards or backward to your liking, forget everything around you, lock-in, and focus on the task ahead.
Our seat slider doesn’t only provide adjustability, it also adds extra support to your seat in the most critical areas. The aluminum structure functions as a harness, surrounding the areas that are prone to flexing when not supported. Resulting in extreme rigidity that can’t be matched by multiple layer fiber seats.




We’ve chosen to abandon the easily scratchable anodising and traded it for a sweet layer of durable powder coating on both the connecting brackets and aluminum profiles.
The result is absolutely stunning and incomparable with other brands.


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We operate a smooth production line and don’t rely on third parties.
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(10 customer reviews)

Avanzata Cockpit

Avanzata Cockpit

(10 customer reviews)

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This formula sim matches the exact seating position of a Formula One driver. Our seat is designed with the help of existing racing teams

Wall of Fame
Size Chart

Our Avanzata Formula Sim is the pinnacle of Formula sim rigs on the market. This top-of-the-line cockpit is the ultimate choice for sim race enthusiasts with a profound preference for Formula-style racing. It is designed to handle the forces of direct wheel drives and heavy load cell pedals, even when they’re turned up to their most extreme settings. No flex in our dictionary means no flex! This seating position screams speed and the elevated position of the pedals gives you the ability to be even more consistent with your applied braking pressure.

The “strapped in” position provides support over your entire body, giving you the ability to use all your accessible force to push that brake pedal down. Therefore, the force applied in this seating position supersedes that of a normal driving position. With the double uprights, you are no longer relying on brackets' rigidity on a separate pedal deck. The Avanzata is ready to use load cell pedals up to +200kg to its total capacity. The elevated upper leg area gives more support while still having the freedom to choose a lower pedal position.


180cm x 75cm x 70cm* (aproximate measures)


2-3 boxes (depending on carrier)


Approximately 80kg

Recommended user size

Length: > 2.10m Width: jeans size 36 is a rough maximum


All major brands. When in doubt. Please reach out.


Rig, Seat, Seat slider, Height adjustable Feet

Not included

Any electronic equipment

Size chart


10 reviews for Avanzata Cockpit

  1. Teun

    This is truly a majestic piece. The way the chair makes you feel like you’re actually in the car. With zero flex you feel connected to the road and the joy of driving is insane!
    All Thanks to Jordi!
    See you guys on the track!

  2. Rob

    Very happy with this seat, its everything i was looking for, solid, quality, adjustable, you can find your ideal position which makes it very comfortable and this F1 position! 🔥💪 Honestly for me the position doesn’t detract from the immersion in GT, on the contrary its pleasant 👍

  3. Tamas

    Bought a cockpit, rigid and superb! The owner helped me a lot in the build, highly recommended!

  4. Anis

    Great product with exceptional customer service. Probably the most complete first rig experience one can have.

  5. Wesley

    My take on the experience with FSR Simgs;
    After a lot of google I came up with the FSR Avanzata first of all the looks appealed to me enormously. Of course you wonder if it is as comfortable as you hope, does it work well, is there flex in it etc….
    You know what, no shots are always missed I just call them and go through my questionnaire to see if I have the right answers so that it is confirmed. After a good and very nice conversation it almost sounded too good to be true, but because I didn’t want to go overnight, I was allowed to come by to test it.

    I drove to FSR and yes there it is.
    First impression… WOW super cool jep looks check!!
    After a test ride, which fortunately all went without any problems, my second impression… Not normal at all, no flex in the rig, everything is adjustable, so you always have the perfect fit.
    Sitting position wonderfully comfortable and super tight. I did not expect this (by the looks of the chair you think you are sitting in a hard bathtub) but this was certainly not true.
    The chair is very comfortable and you immediately imagine yourself in a kind of racing position so that you are completely ready.

    After a long and very pleasant conversation I immediately noticed that this is designed and built with passion and that splashes with everything!

    The click was so good that I thought, if I buy the rig I’d go “all-in” right away. So I immediately bought the Avanzata, Heusinkveld sprint pedals, Rexing steering wheel and other upgrades outside of FSR Simrig.
    If you want to do it right, don’t do it halfway.

    Provided you really like sim racing, this is the ultimate sim rig to experience all your fun. I say again TOP done and thank you very much that I can now always race with pleasure!!!

  6. Mark

    Team FSR thanks for providing a quality and unique Formula Sim Rig.

    The hospitality to come and test the products first and the personal contact convinced me that your products are of high quality. The finish and the use of robust materials ensure a very strong (zero flex) and eye-catching design.

    The packaging of the products has been carried out very carefully, whereby the risk of possible transport damage upon delivery can be minimized / excluded.

    I can advise anyone with a racing heart who is looking for a perfect F1 Sim to make an appointment with FSR.

  7. Thomas

    I bought the FXU (the rig is now called Avanzata) from Formula Sim Rigs in silver in Q1/2021 – at that time it still had the MK8-1S seat from Lusomotors, which I didn’t manufacture myself. I’ve been using the rig regularly for a year now and I’ve also recently been using the new Nascita formula seat (produced by FSR itself).

    My experiences with FSR and the rig/seat are consistently positive:

    – Order/delivery quickly and without problems
    – Direct contact and very good support also via WhatsApp/by phone (thanks Jordi)
    – Quality, stability 1A, zero flex
    – Sophisticated solutions (movable seat construction for easier entry/exit)

    A few words on the seat comparison (MK8-1S to Nascita)
    The current seat has a slightly more upright position (better lower back support) as well as better thigh support (steeper rise). The arms also have a little more freedom for acute steering angles. So minimal improvements in the right place.

    If someone wants to do sim racing without compromise in a formula position, I can unreservedly recommend Formula Sim Rigs and their products from personal experience.

  8. Connor

    Very happy with it! Super comfy! The best is no flex. My last rig would flex quite a bit under heavy braking and long corners.

  9. Christian

    Absolutely amazing product. Even with my 190cm size and long legs fits everything perfect!

  10. Chris

    I’m doing my first meters in 2021. A huge thanks to Formula Sim Rigs for this incredible Simrig.

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