Avanzata Cockpit

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This formula sim matches the exact seating position of a Formula One driver. Our seat is designed with the help of existing racing teams

Additional information

Weight 72 kg
Dimensions 160 × 70 × 600 cm

Red, Black

Wheel Deck

Bottom, Standard Podium, Standard CSL DD, Standard Front, Extreme Side, Extreme Front, Standard Asetek, Extreme Asetek

11 reviews for Avanzata Cockpit

  1. Wesley

    My take on the experience with FSR Simgs;
    After a lot of google I came up with the FSR Avanzata first of all the looks appealed to me enormously. Of course you wonder if it is as comfortable as you hope, does it work well, is there flex in it etc….
    You know what, no shots are always missed I just call them and go through my questionnaire to see if I have the right answers so that it is confirmed. After a good and very nice conversation it almost sounded too good to be true, but because I didn’t want to go overnight, I was allowed to come by to test it.

    I drove to FSR and yes there it is.
    First impression… WOW super cool jep looks check!!
    After a test ride, which fortunately all went without any problems, my second impression… Not normal at all, no flex in the rig, everything is adjustable, so you always have the perfect fit.
    Sitting position wonderfully comfortable and super tight. I did not expect this (by the looks of the chair you think you are sitting in a hard bathtub) but this was certainly not true.
    The chair is very comfortable and you immediately imagine yourself in a kind of racing position so that you are completely ready.

    After a long and very pleasant conversation I immediately noticed that this is designed and built with passion and that splashes with everything!

    The click was so good that I thought, if I buy the rig I’d go “all-in” right away. So I immediately bought the Avanzata, Heusinkveld sprint pedals, Rexing steering wheel and other upgrades outside of FSR Simrig.
    If you want to do it right, don’t do it halfway.

    Provided you really like sim racing, this is the ultimate sim rig to experience all your fun. I say again TOP done and thank you very much that I can now always race with pleasure!!!

  2. Anis

    Great product with exceptional customer service. Probably the most complete first rig experience one can have.

  3. Tamas

    Bought a cockpit, rigid and superb! The owner helped me a lot in the build, highly recommended!

  4. Rob

    Very happy with this seat, its everything i was looking for, solid, quality, adjustable, you can find your ideal position which makes it very comfortable and this F1 position! 🔥💪 Honestly for me the position doesn’t detract from the immersion in GT, on the contrary its pleasant 👍

  5. Teun

    This is truly a majestic piece. The way the chair makes you feel like you’re actually in the car. With zero flex you feel connected to the road and the joy of driving is insane!
    All Thanks to Jordi!
    See you guys on the track!

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