Avanzata Nero


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The Avanzata is the pinnacle of Formula sim rigs on the market. This top-of-the-line cockpit is the ultimate choice for sim race enthusiasts with a profound preference for Formula-style racing and is designed to handle the forces of direct wheel drives and heavy load cell pedals, even when they’re turned up to their most extreme settings. No flex in our dictionary really means no flex!


Full physical immersion

Match the physical position of a driver in a formula car and feel like you’re stepping into a real formula car instead of your family vehicle. This seating position screams speed and the elevated position of the pedals gives you the ability to be even more consistent with your applied braking pressure. 



After having used third-party seats for a year, FSR is proud to present its very own formula seat, the Nascita. Designed from scratch, but taken all feedback from the previous seat into consideration. The elevated upper leg area gives more support, whilst still having the freedom to choose for a lower pedal position if wanted. Elbows have more room to move freely during steering through sharp hairpins. Seat belt slots are present in the neck area and holes on the side and between the legs can be added on request.


Extreme rigidity

The “strapped in” position provides support over your entire body, giving you the ability to use all your accessible force to push that brake pedal down. Therefore the amount of force that can be applied in this seating position supersedes that of a normal driving position. With the double uprights, you are not relying on the rigidity of brackets on a separate pedal deck anymore. The Avanzata is ready to use load cell pedals up to +200kg to its full capacity. 


Tool-free seat adjustability

No additional seat slider is needed as adjusting your seat is a breeze in the Avanzata with the built-in seat slider. Lock out and slide forwards or backward to your liking, then lock-in, forget everything around you, and focus on the task ahead.

Our seat slider doesn’t only provides adjustability, it also supports your seat in the most critical areas. The aluminum structure functions as a harness, surrounding the areas that are prone to flexing when not supported. Resulting in extreme rigidity that can’t be matched by multiple layer fiber seats. 

Superb finishing and personalization options

On the Avanzata Nero and Avanzata Custom, a fresh layer of powder coating is added to the connecting brackets and aluminum profiles. The result is absolutely stunning and incomparable with standard anodized materials. 

Be different and select your own sim rig livery. Whether you match your equipment, favorite team colors, or get creative and configure your preferred color scheme in the configurator. 


Ready for motion

The Avanzata is ready to work with several motion systems such as D-BOX, SFX100, PT actuators, DK2, and more. 

Seat options

Nascita Fiber:

Smooth and shiny inside. The backside has a beautiful fiber structure.


Nascita LineX:

Freshly covered in a LineX coating makes the seat scratch-free and basically indestructible.



Everything on the Avanzata is adjustable to create the best personal seating position possible.

Pedal deck – Distance, height, tilt adjustable.

Wheel deck – Distance, height, tilt adjustable.

Seat – Distance quickly and easily adjustable with standard custom seat slider and locking mechanism.


Length: +/- 155cm

Width: +/- 70cm

Height:  +/- 60cm

Standard included

Seat (included)

Seat slider (included)

Feet (included)