Avanzata Custom


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Designed and built with a seating position in mind that matches a real-life Formula car as closely as possible, the AVANZATA is the pinnacle of Formula sim rigs on the market. Our top-of-the-line cockpit is built for the perfect seating position, comfort, adjustability, and customizability. As flexible in possibilities, as solid and rigid is the cockpit itself.


After an extensive period of designing, fine-tuning, and testing we are extremely proud to present our own brand new Formula seat. The elegant shaping has an aggressive, but yet still elegant look which fully translates the ergonomic design. Driving sessions of multiple hours are absolutely no problem due to the large surface area to which your body connects.


The frame consists of extremely rigid 40-160 and 40-120 aluminum extrusion profiles to create a completely flex-free sim racing experience, no matter what loadcell or direct drive gear you’re using. The custom seat slider is designed and built entirely in our own workshop, creating a clever and user-friendly solution to quickly adjust your seat. The seat slider also very easily provides you with extra space to sit down and get yourself comfortable in the cockpit before sliding it forward and locking it into your preferred position to start racing.


With a beautiful custom powder-coated finish on the aluminum extrusion profiles, the AVANZATA not only looks alluring but also provides your precious rig with extra protection to reduce the risk of scratching or damaging it. Add colored brackets to create that cherry on top of the cake.


Everything on the FXU is adjustable to create the best personal seating position possible.

Pedal deck – Distance, height, tilt adjustable

Wheel deck – Distance, height, tilt adjustable

Seat – Distance quickly and easily adjustable with custom seat slider and locking mechanism


Length: +/- 155cm

Width: +/- 70cm

Height:  +/- 60cm