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Want to start taking your sim racing a bit more seriously but you’re not ready to take the plunge on a full AVANZATA rig and other brands just don’t give you that desired Formula seating position? Enter Inizio! The Formula Sim Rigs philosophy stripped down to the core essentials, providing you with a more affordable alternative to the AVANZATA without compromising on what we believe in most; the perfect Formula seating position.

Built with black anodized 40/80 and 40/40 aluminum extrusion profiles, INIZIO has a very rigid base frame directly built around our very own newly designed Formula seat. Just like its bigger brother, Inizio delivers you a completely flex-free sim-racing experience and is suitable for heavy-duty loadcell pedals. With the supplied Universal Wheel Deck any of your usual steering wheels and wheelbases can be mounted directly and without a sweat. Out of the box, INIZIO is compatible with most standard sim racing equipment and has especially been designed to compensate unadjustable angles in entry to mid-level equipment.

Despite having less on-the-fly adaptability, Inizio is still fully adjustable to your personal preference and size with the help of tools. The height, distance, and tilt of both the wheel and the pedals can be adjusted to your liking.

Everything on the Inizio is adjustable to create the best personal seating position possible. However, tools are required. This means that even stepping behind the wheel feels like entering a cockpit of a true Formula car. The immersion has started before you’ve even started your computer.


The Nascita Fiber seat has a fiber structure backside and a smooth and shiny inside. It’s extremely comfortable due to its large surface weight distribution and can be driven for hours and hours on end without any discomfort.

Due to its bucket seat nature it has some restrictions on the physical width of the driver. A good rule of thumb is that anything under jeans size 34 will fit without issues. Please contact us if you have doubts about the sizing.


Length: +/- 160cm
Width: +/- 50cm
Height: +/-60cm

Fanatec: DD1, DD2, CSL DD, Clubsport series, CSL elite series
Thrustmaster: TX, T500, T300
Logitech: G29, G27, G25

Fanatec: Clubsport series, CSL series
Heusinkveld: Sprint, Ultimate
Thrustmaster T500, TX
Logitech: G29, G27, G25

Nascita Fiber seat
Aluminium profiles
Wheel & pedal deck
Bolts & nuts
Basic tools
Adjustable feet

Equipment such as wheel, wheel base, and pedals.



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