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Inizio Cockpit

(12 customer reviews)

Inizio Cockpit

(12 customer reviews)

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12 reviews for Inizio Cockpit

  1. Gerrie

    Heb de rig en triple monitor setup ongeveer een jaar en ben nog steeds super blij met de aanschaf. Ondertussen is de hardware veranderd met high end pedalen en high end wheelbase. En ik wilde een pedalslide toevoegen op de rig en een frontmount bevestiging. Deze zijn er normaal gesproken niet voor deze rig maar heb me vraag bij Jordi neergelegd en eigenlijk heel snel heeft ie deze voor mij ontworpen en gemaakt. Ik kan niet anders zeggen dat super blij ben met me rig en alle aanpassingen die Jordi voor mij gemaakt heb.
    Jordi super bedankt voor wat je allemaal heb ontworpen voor mij je bent een topper!!!
    Voor mij nooit meer een andere rig.

  2. Leonardo (verified owner)

    Anyway what to say? It is simply Amazing!!! As for the pedal plate, everything worked great. You were right. I had a bit of boredom to find the right distance, but in the end I succeeded. The seat is something incredible even if the headrest wouldn’t hurt. The dive it gives you is insane. As for the assembly it was not difficult. As for the adjustments I have something to say. I had serious problems adjusting the two profiles that hold the base where the steering wheel motor is mounted. It is quite cumbersome and not easy to adjust the distance. I had to loosen all the screws to do it. In an attempt to do this, I scratched the profiles. The same goes for the piece of metal that adjusts the inclination. Complicated! There too, I scratched the profiles. It’s nothing serious but it still spoils the aesthetics a bit. Finally, I really like the cockpit a lot. The strong point is undoubtedly the seat and the stability of the entire structure. Really well done! Thanks for everything



  3. Ali (verified owner)

    Bought this after using my setup mounted on my desk. It is amazing and has absolutely no flex which was exactly what i was looking for. I was concerned about the seats comfortability but after receiving it, I found it very comfortable and snug. my sessions tend to be 4-7 hours and ive never experienced discomfort, even in the long sessions. open wheelers in iracing + this rig are an awesome match.

  4. Tom (verified owner)

    First sim rig for me – I’m very happy. Very solid (no flex to mention) for my 8nm DD and fanatec clubsport pedal set. The seat is snug and very comfortable for me (6′, 180lbs) – It might be my new reading chair. Impressed with shipping speed to the US.

  5. Eddy de Boer

    Na een lange tijd denken en zoeken uitgekomen bij Jordy van Fsr simrigs, tijdens onze gesprekken en testsessies was het al snel duidelijk wat ik wilde en ook direct welk model ik wilde de Inizio voelde super goed aan een super rig super bedanktjeren en dame van Fsr simrigs

  6. Eddy de Boer

    Ben blij dat ik een Inizio heb gekozen van Fsr simrigs, de Rig gaat nooit meer weg een top Rig !

  7. Ramon

    I took a chance on this sim rig as there is hardly any reviews out in the wild aside from the handful you’re able to find on Facebook and Reddit. I was happy I took the chance but I did have issues along the way that prevented me from giving it a full five stars; now to clarify, the five stars in no way reflect the quality of the product.

    The rig itself is amazing. The pieces are all coated in a crinkle black texture and are a bit more durable than your standard 8020 black pieces. That being said they will still show scratches from metal on metal contact but that fore me is not a big deal. The rig has a nice small footprint which is perfect for where the rig is located in my home. The only issue I have is with the universal wheelbase plate, I still have slight flex using a Fanatec CSL DD wheelbase and hope in the future they have side mounting options like on the Avanza.

    The seating is amazingly comfortable and I really feel zero pressure anywhere on my back at all and the lack of a headrest doesn’t affect the comfort whatsoever. Now in terms of sizing this is what I have to say about it; I am 180cm and weigh 120 kilos. I consider myself in “weight” lifting shape, if that’s a thing, and I feel like the seat is snug but not uncomfortably snug. It hugs me and provides perfect support and comfort but I suggest if you are a bigger person or weigh roughly the same but wouldn’t consider yourself in shape, I would see if FSR offers different seat sizes. When they say full immersion, they mean full immersion and that includes the fact that most race cars are suited for those little guys.

    Now here is my issue that prevents me from adding that one final star for the perfect score. I am located in the United States and shipping was QUICK, given that the package came from the Netherlands, but my package did not come with a QR sticker for the instructions or it was covered by FedEx with one of their shipping stickers. Customer service provided me a link to a manual a couple of days later and this is where I came to problem #2. My order came with M8x16 screws, M8x20 screws, M8x50 screws, M8x12 screws, and more washer than I know what to do with. This is a problem because the manual I was given had me missing M8x25, M8x40 screws and nowhere in the manual did it have M8x50 screws and M8x20 screws. During the build I tried using the M8x50 screws in place of the M8x40 listed in the manual for the long pieces. This did not work whatsoever as the screws were slight bigger in diameter than the tapped holes in the rails. I ended up giving up and contacting customer service again. I was then told that I had received old instructions and the new instructions uses mostly M8x16 and smaller screws.

    I tried this and it worked perfectly and had zero issues until I ran out of M8x16 screws, I was lucky that I had another rig in the past and that company had included plenty of M8x16 and I was able to complete the build. I did contact customer service and was informed I would receive the new manual and correct screws, as of this writing I have yet to receive an update on that. All that aside the rig is great but the quality control had a lot left to be desired. There needs to be a better way of giving instructions to its customers, IE sending out links with order confirmation, and making sure the correct items needed are packaged because I still do not know why I have so many washers (I had 50) and random screw sizes.

    Now I may be an extremely isolated incident but it made things difficult having to contact customer service at 3AM because of the 9 hour difference. All in all, I would do business again and hope these quality control issues are addressed and taken care of.

  8. Lesley

    I am very happy that I went for the Inizio.. The chair is and remains really great! Even if I get in with back pain, I get out without… unimaginable!

  9. Canyon

    Still adjusting, but very happy! Exactly what I was looking for!

  10. Marcin

    The rig is awsome! I don’t regret a single cent I paid for it. It is something incredible to racing in it. You should see face friend of mine who ride daily on playseat and he tried this rig 😂

  11. Alex

    The best there is, nobody does what they do better than FSR

  12. Ryan

    Just did a few laps and it is everything that I wanted.

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