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Only 3 left in stock

Nascita Formula Seat
Caster wheels
Monitor stand

Only 3 left in stock


From  599,00

Only 3 left in stock

Nascita Formula Seat
Caster wheels
Monitor stand

Only 3 left in stock

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

Unless stated otherwise we have a lead time of 5 days.

Do you ship to my destination?

Yes we shop worldwide. When you enter your address at checkout you'll automatically see the shipping costs.

Why can't I see shipping cost?

Shipping costs are automatically calculated when an address is entered.

Do you have stock?

Yes we do. Unless it's listed as "sold out", then we don't.

What is your return policy?

We will offer a full refund (including shipping costs) if you decide to return the product. You only have to cover the shipping costs from you to us.

Can I order with my EU VAT number?

Yes. Please contact us so we can set this up for you.

Can I just buy the seat?

Unfortunately we don't do this. We get this question a lot, but (assuming you want to mount it to a rig you already own) adapting a normal rig to Formula is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that need to be considered or you won't have a good experience at all. This is why we don't sell the seat by itself to non FSR rig owners. In order to have the best experience everything needs to come together or people will blame the seat for being uncomfortable and the contrary is the case. It took us 14 prototypes and about 8 months of R&D to get it right and we have access to infinite material.

What’s the difference between the Inizio and the Avanzata?

The Avanzata is the top of the line, no compromise, fully tool free adjustable rig made by us. It's designed to withstand all high end gear and is so strong and rigid that it will last multiple lifetimes.
The rig has infinite options to adjust to your liking, but it takes about 4-8 hours to assemble.

The Inizio is also strong, but it's more designed towards console players and the gear that fits on both console and PC. We've taken the angles of certain pedal sets and wheelbases into consideration and adjusted the design accordingly.
The rig has less moving parts, can still be adjusted, but not tool free like the Avanzata. The assembly only takes about 30 minutes.

What's the difference between Fiber and LineX?

The LineX version is the exact same seat as the fiber but it has an extra coating that protects the seat against scratches. If you wear jeans a lot and if you are allergic to scratches then definitely go for the LineX.It's an amazing technique which is used in the back of pick up trucks for example. You can spray it on a watermelon and throw the same watermelon from a high tower and it just bumps.

Why is there no padding?

Padding is on the roadmap, but to be honest; it's really not needed.
One rule that really stands out is that ergonomics beat padding any day of the week. In our seat, your entire body weight is divided over a huge surface. You'll have to see it like this; a 50kg woman with high heels will leave dents on a wooden floor while a 200kg man with size 45 doesn't. This makes the seat extremely comfortable as mentioned by others above.
Besides that, it's not only the seat that can cause pain and discomfort in your body. Most sim racers will recognize the feeling of lower back pain. There is a very simple explanation for this. When braking hard in a GT position your body is trying to compensate for the force that's applied. It will basically create a curve in your lower back which, after some time in the sim, will most likely become painful.
In our design, your knees are very slightly touching your wheelbase. This results in you sitting pretty much in the fetal position when applying force to the brakes and is very comparable with a leg press in the gym for example. Instead of a curve in your lower back, you press into your lower back, and since it's a bucket seat and your body can't go left or right. The result is an insane precision when applying braking force. You're able to apply more pressure and be more consistent. A rig without flex is worth nothing more if you end up creating flex in your own body.

I also drive GT cars often. Is that possible?

Do you have a headrest?